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The spa and children

The sulphurous-salsobromoiodiche waters of the Terme Luigiane guarantee excellent benefits in many forms of inflammation typical of childhood.

Childhood is the period of life when the subject is especially vulnerable to attack from infectious means. Ear infections, adenoids, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, and rhinitis, are in fact frequently found in children and often accompany the little patient until puberty. The causes of such susceptibility to infections are to be found in the immune system which is not yet fully developed and therefore unable to effectively counteract the action of pathogens, as well as pediatric anatomic factors such as adenotonsillar hypertrophy and the immaturity of the ear, which represent the grounds that favors the onset of the recurrent inflammatory processes.

The sulphurous-salsobromoiodiche waters, rich with minerals, of the Terme Luigiane guarantee excellent benefits with these inflammatory issues, owing to the active principles that characterize them, and the many techniques with which the therapies can be carried through. Aerosols, inhalation, endotympanic insufflation, nebulisation and humages are all available in order to meet the diverse therapeutic needs. Furthermore, both the traditional and the micronized nasal (better tolerated by the pediatric patient) douches are useful in the cleansing of the nasal cavity and nasopharynx. The Ionic aerosol is essential in the treatment of respiratory allergies, while the Sonic aereosol is very effective with sinusitis.

Atopic Dermatitis is also found frequently in children, which grealy takes advantage of Balneotherapy.
At the Terme Luigiane children may also undergo kinesiotherapy treatments extremely important in correcting various early forms of dysmorphia. To this end, the Terme Luigiane have a gym equipped with the most sophisticated and modern equipment.


In Terme Luigiane you can find a Pediatric inhalation department where children can be cured in a quiet atmosphere.


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