Walking, events, excursions, sports ... free time at the Terme Luigiane.

Sporting activities
Tennis courts, Bocce courts, Soccer field, gym, spa park, fitness trail and at Guardia Marina, a professional football field. The Hotel Management organizes awarded tournaments and contests.

The springs walk

At the foot of the Cliff of the Devil, the five springs of Terme Luigiane gush out; they are individually protected by adequate safeguard hygienic and hydrogeological works, are also included in a reservation area, in which also fall the maturation basins of the mud beds and algae sulfur cultivation, both cited for their peculiarities in the Medical Hydrology texts (Federici, Messina). Weekly the Spa Management organizes guided tour of the springs and related facilities. On the outskirts of the springs area, a large pine forest can be found that is particularly good for a healthy rest, with a "well being walk" on the edge of the river banks.



The three paths
The landscape that surrounds the Terme Luigiane, is rich in many elements of natural interest, and is ideal for short walks in the woods, along streams or amongst rocky cliffs. Without limiting the personal desire of discovery that could lead for example to Cerasella, Pietra Cupa, Cozzo Mole, Piano della Ronda or other interesting sites, we suggest three destinations along the well equipped trails, included in the nature walks, organized by the Management of the Hotel Terme.

The Canyon of the River Bagni

  • Time: 1 hour and a half.
  • Gradient: 30 to 40 meters.
  • Difficulty: None.

From the Springs Park, moving up the river walking along the walls of the steep cliff of the Devil; on the left and right you can admire the rock formations of tectonic origin. One will then arrive at the picturesque waterfall and passing over the bridge, which overlooks the bed of the river, one can continue to the picnic area. To collect, if lucky, are the pebbles of green porphyry and violets which are testimonies of the possible magmatic origins of spa waters.

Devil's Finger and woods of Mortilla

  • Time: 2 hours
  • Gradient: 170 meters.
  • Difficulty: gentle gradient.

From the Spa Square, towards the Colonia and the old tank, one can climb up the Callio Valley up to the aqueduct and then to the right to reach from behind the small plateau on which stands the steeple of the Devil's Finger. The path carries on among ancient oaks and chestnut trees. Panoramic views of the Baths and of  the sea.


  • Time: 45 minutes.
  • Gradient: 60 meters.
  • Difficulty: None.

Facing the new Spa, past the bridge over the river Bagni, a shaded path climbs up to the Manche della Torre, a stop at Molinazzo might entice you to go up to Guardia Piemontese.



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