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The Terme Luigiane are the center of many places, possible destinations for short trips: The Sila and the Byzantine Route, the Magna Grecia,  Route, the Etnie Route ...


The Sila
It is the most famous and extensive plateau of southern Italy, is spread over an average altitude 1400 mt. above sea level with peaks reaching nearly 2000 mt. (Botte Donato). Numerous lakes (Cecità, Arvo, Ampollino and other minor ones). The most important centers for summer and winter holidays are Camigliatello (75 km from the spa) and Lorica (90 km). San Giovanni in Fiore (95 km) is worth visiting for its rich fabrics and crafts and for the Florense Abbey (1220) of the Abbot Joachim "with the spirit of prophecy" (Dante).


Byzantine Route:

Interesting for the tracks of the period of eastern monasticism (VI-VIII cent.). There is architectural evidence in the Baptistery of Santa Severina (125 km) and the Stilo Catholic (210 km), pictorial examples can be found in the frescoes of the underground of Paola (12 km), while mosaic spectacles are found in San Demetrio Corone (45 km) furthermore literary evidence is seen in Rossano (75 km) with the Codex Purpureo (the Gospel of St. Mark and St. Matthew, a precious book with 188 sheets and 15 miniatures in pink parchment inscribed characters in gold and silver).

Itinerary of Magna Grecia:
2,500 years ago the most flourishing cities were: Sibari, Crotone, Locri; rich in culture, today we can admire their archaeological scenery: at Sibari (53 km) the massive excavations of the Parco del Cavallo (horse park); by the sea at Crotone (145 km) the column Hera Lacinia; immersed in ancient olive groves Squillace (105 km), with the Roccelletta and the amphitheater. The museums are rich in examples of extremely refined arts: above all the "pinakes" of Locri (185 km) and the Bronzi di Riace (Riace Bronzes) in the Museum of Reggio Calabria (198 km).

Route of ethnic groups
The signs of the populations that arrived in Calabria is visible in Lungro (64 km), for the Albanians (it was their capital in Italy and the headquarters of the greek-orthodox  bishop Eparca); in Guardia Piemontese (Spa Luigiane) for the Waldensians (where they speak a Gallo-Provence dialect "Occitan" and wear the traditional costumes of the Valley of Angrogna); and for the Grecians, in Gallicianò, Condofuri, Bova (RC), (230 km.). These places still retains the Hellenic language, the linguist Rolfs, called "a treasure of life" their "noble language."

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