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About Guardia Piemontese

One can enjoy a pleasant stay in this town for its peace, for the climate as well as the sea and spa panoramas and for its Ethnographic Museum.

The Waldensians constitute the peculiarity of the place: from the twelfth century the followers of the religious idea of Pietro VALDO (Peter Waldo) to "preach the Gospel in poverty," hence getting nickname "poor Lombard",  suffered persecution for heresy, and some refugees from the Alpine valleys of Pellice, Pinerolo and Angrogna reached in Calabria 1345, where they established themselves in entrenched, safe places.

Among these places, the high point of Guardia, Lombard until 1863 and then Piedmontese, keeps in its perched village and in the fierce "Guardioli" the most original examples of that period: the houses, costumes, customs, and Occitan language, which is to this day still spoken and taught admirably to the children.

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