The Acquaviva SPA Park

ACQUAVIVA SPA Park, an innovative facility nestled in green, it is the ideal place to relax and recover one's physical and mental well-being, amidst flowers, plants and sunshine, where the thermal water is the true protagonist. It is this water, uncontaminated as it gushes out of the spring, that supplies three swimming pools, with water massage and counter-current swimming, turbo-showers, "humage nature" treatments and a heated mud dispenser.

The SPA Park ACQUAVIVA offers stress-relief, weight loss and skin toning  and firming treatments. There is also a fresh water swimming pool and a fitness centre in the Park. Guests can enjoy aquagym courses.

Birba Club is the space reserved to children and younger ones, with a playground and a miniature fresh water swimming pool with many fun opportunities.



What to do at the SPA park




Leisure activities


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