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The spa jacuzzi

It is carried out with pressurized water jets and the produced vortices, they achieve a vibrating underwater massage pressure on the skin and on the deeper layers of tissues and muscles that need to be dealt directly or by reflection, thereby producing muscle relaxation and sedating pain. In addition, this therapeutic hyrdomassage stimulates the circulatory functions, particularly the venous circulation.

The treatment is extremely effective for a variety of therapeutic indications, in particular:

1. to combat cellulite, toning, firming;
2. to treat osteoarthritis, consequences of traumas, extra-articular rheumatism and other rheumatic diseases;
3. to treat skin diseases such as acne, seborrhoea, eczema;
4. to treat of psoriasis, particularly suitable thanks to the nature of our waters;
5. slimming effect.



Upstream swimming

Effective form of exercise in water, slimming and firming; particularly suitable for the strengthening of the muscles.

The turbo-shower

It is a particular form of hydrotherapy that allows to take advantage of the temperature and hydrodynamic properties of water such as direction, movement of the jet pressure, as well as reaping its sulphuric effects. It is toning and firming and improves peripheral circulation.

The mud bath for the skin

A unique and original application of spa type mud of unsurpassed quality for therapeutic and cosmetic means. It is particularly indicated in cases of skin blemishes, acne, dermatitis. It can also have weight losing, firming, and anti-cellulite effects.

The nature humage

It enables to use the action of sulfurous gas that is released from the spa waters. The inhaled substances exert a curative and preventive action on the respiratory system, especially indicated for chronic diseases.

The joint action of all these factors, combined with the environmental characteristics of the Spa Park, allows a rapid and effective rehabilitation and becomes a pleasant moment of relaxation, with psychological positive effects as well.

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