Spa treatments are good for you

Sulfur is an essential element of the human organism.

Aside the arguments that have traditionally proven the overall well–being following a period of spa treatments, it is however useful to give some indication of the therapeutic effectiveness of the "strong sulphurous spa waters" (H2S> 100) - salsobromoiodiche of the Terme Luigiane.

The sulfur component is being highlighted because it is an essential element of the human organism, being present in the composition of all cells and in organs and tissues such as skin, cartilage (being the richest: about 500 mg / 10 g), and the nerve and respiratory tissue, and is also part of some hormones and essential vitamins (biotin).

Sulfur is very influential in the growth and regeneration of tissue, in the activity of skeletal and heart muscle, in the activity of hemoglobin, in the formation of antibodies, and participates in many other body functions, so it follows that in a variety of ailments, from rheumatism to skin diseases, and from respiratory to gynecological one, the lack of sulfur contributes to the onset and persistence of the disease.

Sulfur is absorbed by the body through food (100 grams of protein contain 0.3 grams of it) in sufficient quantity to maintain in the individual a standard rate of 0.25% of body weight (175 gr. of sulfur per 70 kg. weight) sufficient for the well-being. However, if a deficiency occurs, or better still in order to prevent it, a sulfur spa cure will contribute to an integration of the "Divine" element (as defined by the Greeks) and a valid means to achieve favorable effects in treatment of certain diseases.



The relationship between a disease and a spa cure is activated through:

1. Absorption by the body of the sulfur compounds contained in mineral water (pharmacological)
2. Therapeutic actions of the "spa methods" in which the sulfur is absorbed; actions that are qualitatively different from those observed even when higher doses are administered, but in other ways.

The means of contact between the human body and mineral waters are:

  • Skin
  • Respiratory system
  • Genito-urinary mucous membranes
  • The digestive system

therefore developing:

1. the reduction of localized inflammatory processes and the recovery of the original functionalities of the tissues
2. a general combined action between the biological function of the absorbed  sulfur and the effects due to the physical and mechanical properties of the spa treatments: temperature, hydrostatic pressure during the bath, gas pressure during insufflation, thickness of the mud, reduced gravity, etc.


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