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Diathermy, iontophoresis with spa seaweeds, medicated iontophoresis, electrotherapy TENS Diadynamic


The Diathermy is a new form of physical and instrumental therapy that reactivates the normal physiological processes of tissue metabolism, transferring biocompatible energy without projection of radiant energy from the outside. This mechanism is certainly innovative and revolutionary, because for the first time it has been applied to the biological field the physical principle of the condesator, resulting in a technology that transfers biocompatible energy and allows the stimulation of tissues from the inside, without unnecessary dissipation of energy.
The efficacy of diathermy treatment stems from the integration of two fundamental factors: the operator manual technique and the technology that enhances it. The manual skills go deeper and get more intense due to the highly stimulating reactivation induced in the lymphatic and blood microcirculation system. Using Diathermy instrument provides a progressive decrease in pain reducing the healing time of the disease treated.

The progressive reduction of pain is perceived by the patient since the first session; this process, implemented through the dissolution of the blocks and the rigidities of myofascial structures, simplifies and makes more effective contemporary and subsequent phases of rehabilitation.

The pain reduction allows, through the use of instrument handpiece, a deeper massage, getting better and faster results and at the same time more stable. In addition, the continuous energetic stimulation created by diathermy, leads to a further reduction of the time of therapy application itself.

Iontophoresis with spa seaweeds:

A particularly effective treatment, unique to the Terme Luigiane, it utilizes spa algae, nitrogen fixing, sulfur-rich, having all water-soluble vitamins and proteins, it can be used as medication in substitution of anti-inflammatory drugs and it allows for excellent therapeutic analgesic, anti-inflammatory, decontracting results. It is reasonable to think that this medicament, by being sulfur rich, also allows for a anti-rheumatic action, by balancing the sulfur deficit of the cartilage, which most likely represents the primary cause of degenerative arthritis. This treatment avoids some side effects, caused by the notoriously anti-inflammatory drugs, such as dyspepsia, stomach pain, nausea, headache, general and local allergic reactions, etc.

Iontophoresis with medication

Arthrosis, consequences of joint distortions, surgical and post-traumatic edema, post-traumatic pains, bruises.


Electrotherapy diadynamic TENS

Neck pain and cervicobrachialgia, lower back pain and lumbosciatica, particularly indicated in chronic pain.



Painful affections in the presence of metallic fixation devices (prosthesis, osteosynthesis) that contraindicate the use of analgesic polarized current.

Electrical stimulation: faradic currents, rectangular currents pulses, Kotz microcurrents.

Post-traumatic and post-surgical muscle atrophy after plaster casts use.


Electrical stimulation: exponential currents and triangular currents.

Muscle atrophy in peripheral paralysis cause by lesions of the lower motor neuron (lesion of the nerves, ulnar, radial, etc.)



Coxartrosi, gonartrosi, rizartrosi spondiloartrosi, ritardi di consolidazione, esiti algici di traumi muscolari (tendinei e articolari), algodistrofie.


Magnetic therapy

Coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis, spondylosis rhizarthrosis, nonunions, algic outcomes of muscle trauma (of the tendon and/or joint), algoneurodystrophy (RSD).

Vertebral tractions

Back pain with predominant disc etiology.

Laser Therapy

Consequences of articular traumas, muscle injury (distractions, strains, tears), tendinitis, bursitis, skin ulcers, edema and muscle hematomas, keloids, insertional tendinopathy (epicondylitis, groin, etc.)



Post-traumatic and degenerative periarthritis of the shoulder, epicondylitis, post-traumatic joint stiffness, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, muscle contractures, consequences of joint distortions, small joints arthritis (hands and feet).
Muscle contractures, preparations for the massage therapies.



Muscle contractures, myalgia (muscle pain), neck pain and cervicobrachialgia, back pain, adherent scars, muscular atrophy.

Physiotherapy: mobilizations (passive, assisted passive and active), isometric contractions, isotonic contractions, stretching, segmental and global functional rehabilitation, postural exercises, proprioceptive exercises.

Consequences of injuries to the musculoskeletal system (fractures, dislocations, sprains), joint stiffness, post-surgical rehabilitation, muscle-tendon retraction, muscle hypotrophy, postural defects, spinal paramorphism, neuromotor disability.

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