Birba Club

The entire space of the Acquaviva Spa Park dedicated to children.

Great is the attention that the Terme Luigiane has reserved to the world of children.
The property is located within the Acquaviva Spa Park, it is modern, sophisticated and innovative, and overlooks the Baths.
Birba Club - the name of the area - offers countless leisure activities and pastimes for the younger ones: a full bath area with lots of opportunity for the children to have fun and live moments of carefree fun in a space made of flowers, plants and sun.
Everything is made according to the specific needs of children and maximum safeness is provided during the course of play, the child has the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of spa waters and to learn by playing, and socializing in a rich environment, fun and challenging.

A wonderful adventure is what stands before the eyes of the youngest guests of the Terme Luigiane.

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